My 2018 resolutions

Hi guys! Happy new year! Yes, I know, that happened three months ago but what can I say? I haven’t had the chance to write you again until now. Time flies and I want to live fully. Like everybody, when the year comes to an end, I tend to reflect on my life and start making new plans. I believe that is a good tradition; even if we don’t follow all of our resolutions is a good thing thinking about our dreams and things that we can do to make our time on this earth, better.

What do you think?

So, my resolutions are focused on enjoying life as it comes, try to live day by day and be positive about all the aspects of my life. Also, I want to create more and do the things that I genuinely enjoy, for example, photography. Why we spend so much time worrying? Only right now, we can do something. The future is unknown, and the past, well, is past. We just have this moment, and we usually don’t see it.

I’ll list some of my resolutions, and I’ll like to know if you feel related to them or not…

–    Appreciate me

–    Living day by day

–    Dedicate more time to all the things that I love to do

–    Be grateful

–    Don’t judge

–    Be aware of the little things

–    Travel

–    Be happy

Basic things but the truth is, they aren’t so easy when you want to put them into practice. Live your life unapologetically is one of the things that I consider very difficult. We´re constantly judging and comparing ourselves to others, what leads us to have an unhealthy life. I sometimes feel so much pressure for fitting in places that I simply don’t.

There’s not a better thing that loves yourself more than anything. We all have things to change, to be better, etc. But we should be aware of those positive aspects and be proud of them too. Don’t you think? Please let me know your thoughts on this post; I’d like to read you all.

Is march already, isn’t that crazy? Before we even notice it, we’ll be in summer. I want to travel so much, to experience new adventures, take amazing photos of other cultures, sunsets, beaches, and so on. I want to appreciate little things because they’re sometimes the biggest ones. When I took a photo of the ones you may see here, I feel so happy and beyond grateful.

Witness a sunset, flower, mountains or any setting, could be so enriching. Sit down in your favorite spot and despite thinking about all the things, just see around you. See it carefully; you may notice something new; you’ll acknowledge your surroundings. Life is beautiful guys, and we just have to find our path and happiness; doesn’t care what others think about it. Be you, live in the moment, and I think that we be gladder.

Write to you soon!

My Summer Wishlist

Hi guys! How’s the weather treating you guys? I don’t know about you people but I cannot stand the heat. And with summer coming, heat is what we’ll get in spades. This is why I started thinking a lot about summer and what I want to accomplish then.

Without further ado, lemme share my summer wishlist!

Get a new hair color job

I’ve done blue and I’ve done purple and I’m just d-o-n-e. So I need a new style and I need a new shade. I was thinking something spiky and short. It’s going to be low maintenance and will help keep me cool. What I haven’t decided is the color.

I was thinking of something that’s sunset orange. Or something similar.

Holding a summer cook-out

If there’s anything I have ever yet to do, that would be to grill meat. So I figured that summer would be the best time to do so. It’s also the perfect excuse to have the gang over for some summer sun.

What sort of meat is best? Do you always need to have gravy? Would coal be best or wood chips? What sides go best with meat? What cut of meat for pork would be best? What cut for beef? What other meat is best for a cookout? How long do I need to cook it? What other ways of grilling are there?

This is partly why learning how to grill is so exciting. There are so many factors that need to be thought over and planned out. It’s basically the perfect thing for someone who likes to plan or overthink (ahem , that would be me).

Get a tan

For real, this time. As you know from previous photos that I’ve posted, I’m suuuuper pale. I want to see what’s the big deal with getting a tan and if it’s anything miraculous. I mean, there’s got to be a reason why like 80% (even our president) of the US is obsessed with looking like a cheeto.

Of course, I won’t be hitting the tanning booths. Instead, I’ll be relying on good old mother nature to do me a solid one.

Start a better night time skin care regimen 

So I only recently discovered the joys of moisturizing. I have to say, it honestly felt like snow gently landing on the surface of the Sahara and giving it a little hug. I also recently discovered those cute face masks things that’s so popular in Asia–specifically in South Korea.

I did this little thing where I put the entire face pack in the fridge for about 20 minutes before I was going to use it. O-M-G. It felt heavenly! It’s a really good way to wake up if you’re feeling sleepy AND it’s a good way to care for your skin.

Why would I want to fight sleepiness at night? You never know when the next term paper would require extra procrastination so cramming sessions will be necessary. Don’t say you’ve never done that before because I *know* that’s a lie. Everyone in the history of the world has crammed at least once in their academic career.


Female Anime Characters I Hate

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have at least heard of anime. Most elder people in the western sphere of the world may dismiss them as “cartoons” but that’s because they not at all inclined to really take a peek into new things.

To be honest, I don’t even remember what age I was when I started watching anime. I do, however, remember the very first anime I got watch start to finish: Yaiba. I was completely hooked. So since then, whenever there was an anime that piqued my interest, I’d find ways to get my hands on them.

Through the years of anime watching, it is eventual that there will be favorites that will form. What’s even more eventual is the formation of a list of anime characters that regardless of how many years pass by, you’ll still hate them. Like really, really, hate them. My friends know that if they want me riled up, all they need to do is mention the names of the people on this list. Without further ado, let’s get cracking!

NOTE: This is MY list. So you’re welcome to your own opinions–SAME AS ME.

4.) Akane Tendo

A lot of people love this girl. I’m just not one of them. She’s short-tempered, often irrational, contradictory AF, and expects Ranma to be a mind-reader. Not to mention that accompanying her temper is her explosive tendency for physical violence.

Most of her fans have excused this because that’s her character; she’s a Tsundere (a girl who isn’t forthcoming about her true feelings). She nags A LOT. A lot of the issues in the anime wouldn’t even happen if it wasn’t for Akane getting herself into danger or having another epic misunderstanding and stomping off. I get that if the misunderstandings didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have an anime. HOWEVER, it’s more of the same every time. Ranma says or does something dumb or more often that not, gets caught in a compromising position with another legitimate fiancee and Akane loses her shit. This is all under the premise that she doesn’t want to marry him to begin with yet she goes off huffing her chest and being upset.

It gets pretty old after the second incident. Bleargh.

3.) Seryu Ubiquitous

Although she initially appeared as a kind and compassionate person, Seryu is ruthless, psychotic and unstable. She was seen to enjoy killing to a high extent those of whom she considered to be evil, almost as if it was a hobby.

Seryu had a twisted sense of right and wrong, bordering on a completely black and white view of the world: seeing the authority of the immensely corrupt Empire as absolutely right, and its enemies as pure evil. She was fully committed to her duties and relished fighting for the imperials. Her twisted view of justice caused a level of distrust towards her by her own teammates, as well as the entire imperial forces on occasion, as she brutally murdered a group of captured prisoners before her team could interrogate them.

This sense of right and wrong is so twisted as she lacks mercy of any kind. She has stated that evil deserves no mercy, which is ironic as that is the one thing which separates justice from vengeance or even common murder. She is also hypocritical. On her first mission in the Jaegers, she said that justice always fights fair and square, along with attacking head on, but in her fight against Night Raid, she used rather underhanded means to try and win. Using a hidden gun in her mouth, she paralyzed Sheele so Koro could kill her. She also tried to kill Tatsumi and Mine from afar using her long range weapons with no warning, basically performing a sneak attack to kill them, which would have worked had Mine not caught the scent of gunpowder.

She’s psycho with a capital P.

2.) Yui Hongo

I’m not ashamed to admit that I really, really disliked this girl when I was watching Fushigi Yuugi–even from the get-go. She struck me as someone who hid all her crazy under a calm, intelligent, mature demeanor. As a general rule, I find it suspicious when a young girl who is goofing off with her friends is very blase to the point of not really contributing to anything.

Yui’s character has quite a following as she’s toted as a victim and a tragic person. In a way, she is. She was manipulated over, and over, and over again. Who wouldn’t feel bad about that? Lemme tell you who: ME. For someone who prided herself with her capability of trusting her best friend and her intelligence, she was a pushover for Nakago and his machinations.

Not to mention that it was her jealousy and vindictiveness that caused a war to break out and so many people to die. She treated her own set of Star Warriors as tools and not really people. Like, sure–that was Nakago’s influence as well but are you telling me that this intelligent person is unable to form her own frickin’ opinions? The way she lied and cheated Tatara out of the Shinzaho that was his ONLY keepsake of his lover. Despicable.

Turn after every turn, her stupidity causes the lives of innocent bystanders. You can argue that she changes and matures in the latter parts but to me, that’s just too late the hero.

1.) Meer Campbell

Oh dear lord…where do I begin? I never thought it was possible for a Coordinator (Genetically Engineered Human) to be stupid but here she is, proving to me how wrong I am.

1.) She willingly underwent surgery to look like Lacus Clyne
2.) She sleazed up Lacus Clyne’s image
3.) She allowed herself to be used as a pawn
4.) She repeatedly tried to sleep with or kiss Athrun Zala
5.) She honestly believed she was Lacus Clyne
6.) She tried to have Lacus killed

You would think that someone who is a professed fan of Lacus would allow herself to be used to “take her place, only temporarily”. I get wanting to be someone you admire and reaching that same level of success. But at the end of the day, you should know that you’re a different person altogether. No one else around you should be forced to go along with your psychosis.

She tried to do this several times with Athrun Zala under the excuse that he was Lacus’ fiance and therefore, should be sweet towards her, y’know–the fake Lacus. Countless people have tried to defend this parasite with the idea that “if you’re told a lie often enough, it becomes the truth”. Whatever.

You can argue that she saved Lacus from being shot. I’d like to point out this was only AFTER she also got shot at by the people who were supposed to be protecting her. You can try to spin it whatever way you want but there is still no justification for Meer’s actions as a whole.

Personally, I think that bullet was far too gentle an end for her.


Highgarden or Winterfell?

I spent the last six days binge-watching the six seasons of Game of Thrones. Don’t judge me–I know a lot of you has done the same or would have done the same if you could! One of my good friends is rather smug about how when Game of Thrones started airing, suddenly there were fans everywhere. Picking their houses and what they think they are. He’s been a loyal Targaryen supporter since day one, he says. I think that has something to do with The Last Dragon, Rhaegar Targaryen.

As for me, from the moment I read about them, my heart was captured by the House Martell. I think that the TV representation of them is severely lacking. But, oh well–we can’t have everything we want. Which is probably why they are actively avoiding casting anyone to play Rhaegar. I don’t think they would be able to satisfy anyone regardless of who they choose.

Anyway, as I was watching the visual representations of the different houses in Westeros and the cities across the narrow sea, I wondered where I would like to live. House Martell lives in the desert so you can expect their climate to be hot. This can also explain for all the skimpy clothing the women were seen wearing. I don’t really think I’d do well in a place where warmth is common place. However, the Water Palaces were lovely. It was described as jewels in the desert–sparkling and comforting. The oasis in the vast cruelty of the sands. So I suppose it has charms unique to it.

King’s Landing, by all the descriptions can be glorious but rather smelly. I suppose the capital is only nice if you live in the palace. But anywhere else on the thing? It’s been described as an utter nightmare. The smell is atrocious. The crime rate is the stuff of nightmares. So I’d have to say that I would never want to live in King’s Landing. Not to mention the fact that if anyone was to make a play for the throne, King’s Landing could barely withstand a siege. It does have a port of entry which means that traders and good come here directly. Any smart trader would not ignore King’s Landing.

Winterfell, is way in the north. So it’s all cold and frozen tundras. It even snows in the summer. However, a bonus is that the people and the homes there are built for hard winters. They have learned when it would be best to plant and what sort of crops can withstand the cold. It also means that should winter ever hit, the people in Winterfell have the highest probability of survival. I wonder what they have to eat there during the dead of winter–potatoes? Cabbage soup has a certain appeal to it. They have tougher livestock, too, I bet. So Winterfell sounds pretty ideal. I love the cold. I also think it’s a pretty wonderful thing that Winterfell has hot spring water flowing through the walls. I don’t know how they achieved it but it was that Brad the Builder was certainly known for.

The Riverlands, tons of fish and fair weather. They a central hub for traders who are travelling from the north to the south and vice versa so I bet they have their pick of goods. Cat Stark was from The Riverlands and she never quite adjusted to the North despite being given the warmest room. But then again, she was never the type to adjust. Riverrun seems like a nice place to live but they must have a major mold problem if they’re not careful. The Twins where the Freys live is often described as a really, really unpleasant place. I guess it only matches those who live in it.

Casterly Rock is nicely situated atop a cliff surrounded by other castles loyal to them. They have a port which grants them access to trade that King’s Landing has too. However, they would probably show the better goods here since the Lannisters pay well. Also, there’s the extra security that their goods won’t be demanded as a tribute for the crown. So Casterly Rock seems good but simply out of principle, I wouldn’t want to live here.

Highgarden is where the House Tyrell’s seat of power lays. They have command of coastal lords which means they are rich in oceanic goods. This also means that they have a Naval army that is something to behold. Highgarden also has massive fields and a climate that ensures bountiful harvest. This is the main reason why they were able to help King’s Landing and secure Margary Tyrell the position of being a potential bride for Joffrey. So in terms of resources, Highgarden is a good place to call home. However, they’re also the least prepared for winter. Their infrastructure will not be able to withstand it. Their people are not used to it. So should a hard winter come–one that lasts a generation, Highgarden and its people will not survive.

The Eyrie–who wants to live there? Not I.

So if I were to decide, I would probably be torn between Highgarden and Winterfell. I am drawn to Highgarden because of the bounty but also drawn to Winterfell for a higher survival rate. I’ll let you know when I really come down to a decision.

What about you guys? Where in Westeros would you want to live?

Four Reasons Why People Cheat

Recently, my friend Reggie and I got to talking about a pretty interesting topic. He shared with me the story of his older brother who seemed like he had it made. Great job, fancy car, impressive house, works like a demon–the whole shebang. Yet now, older brother is rather prostate with grief as he found out his girlfriend cheated on him. So Reggie, like his brother, is wondering why would have made a girl cheat on someone who was pretty much set?

Well, while I can’t speak for the whole of woman-kind, I really got to thinking some reasons why girls cheat. Then, I started to think about why people, in general, cheat. Cheating isn’t something that’s contained with one gender, after all. So today, I share my thoughts with you.

1.) Insecurity

When people have something they intrinsically lack within themselves, they often try to fill the space with other people. Other’s people’s affirmations, their attention, their love–the list goes on. It’s like they use their partner and hammer them into the crack of what makes them whole. Of course, when that doesn’t work, the gaze turns elsewhere.

I’ve always believed that you don’t go into a relationship to “complete” yourself (sorry, Jerry McGuire). When insecure people get into a relationship, it’s like a gardener with a plot full of weeds sprinkles in some new seeds and expects a healthy garden to grow. Weeds, when given enough time, choke out even the strongest plants. Cheating is the equivalent of adding even newer seeds without taking out the weeds. It may give the hope of a different result but it never changes.

2.) Narcissism

A narcissist’s actions are based only on one thing: to make themselves come off as awesome. Anything that they think adds to their legacy, hype, or reputation is welcome. So, of course, cheating is game. Narcissists often like the prestige of being in a relationship but they also want to keep the feeling that they’re highly desirable.

Basically, narcissists cheat to prove to themselves that they’ve still got what it takes to entice or seduce another. It really isn’t about their present relationship, it may even seem that there’s nothing wrong, but to a narcissist, that isn’t what is at stake. How they perceive themselves and how they think others perceive them is more important than a relationship.

3.) Pursuit of Security

Sadly, there are instances out there wherein money takes the prize. Society refers to these people as mercenaries. Their love goes to the highest bidder. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Gossip Girl, that’s pretty much what the character of Lily Van der Woodsen was at the beginning of it all.

The misconception about mercenaries is that they all come from lower income bracket homes. Mercenaries come from all sorts of backgrounds. What their common characteristic is that they place their monetary security over the feelings of their partner. Should a better deal come along, you can bet that’s where they’ll go.

4.) Lack of Emotional Affirmation

I’m thinking this might be the case of Reggie’s brother. While he was able to provide financially, there might be lapses in other areas. From what I know, Reggie’s brother, um Mr. K, was a bit of a workaholic. His goal was to make his family secure so he worked really hard. He was often away on business trips and was quite unavailable for downtime.

This may have led to his girlfriend feeling second fiddle to his goals. When emotional needs aren’t met, no matter how secure you can be financially, you’ll still end up in a pickle. People are emotional creatures. We crave connection. There’s nothing quite deadly to a relationship than a lonely partner. If they feel lonelier with you than they are without you–chances are, they’ll start looking in other places for the affirmation they need.


Ugh. Keep Gore Off My FB!!

Hey guys, hope you’re all buckled in because have I got a rant for you! So picture me–done with chores and winding down for the night. What does any girl my age do? Go on social media of course! So I’m in bed and slowly getting sleepy right? So I figure it’s going to be a pleasant start to my snooze date with Orlando Bloom when BOOM! A “live” human autopsy right before my eyes.

No, I’m not kidding. I seriously wish I was.

First, they show the deceased body that will be dissected. So I figured that they’re just going to show that and then have the people go to a link where they can watch the whole thing but that’s not what happened. I get treated to the sight of a scalpel slicing through the torso of whoever that was.

Why would they show something like that LIVE on Facebook of all things? Sure, I suppose medical students might find it educational but seriously that’s some pretty graphic stuff and it shouldn’t be on social media. Or at the very least, FB shouldn’t slam it in my face merely because some doozy on my friend list decided to comment on it.

I tried reporting it to Facebook and they didn’t get back to me until much, much, MUCH later. They said that they’ll be limiting that to audiences 18 and above. Yet they never said anything about removing it from circulation.

Hey, Facebook. How about giving people the option to choose whether or not a live video starts to play? It’s one thing for the other stuff that’s shared on the platform but when something is “Live” people should have the option of it not running unless pressed or activated. You don’t really know what you’re seeing “Live” after all. It could be something as innocent as a puppy trying to climb stairs or it could be something as gruesome as a live autopsy. Or the poster should at least be considerate. They could have at least had a big warning as a caption to tell people that they’ll be showing something pretty graphic.

In any case, social media really needs to tone down with the “happening RITE NAO” movement. I’ve always told my girlfriends this and yes, even my mother. Not everything should be shared on social media. 

It’s like those people who share smiling selfies at a wake. It’s in poor taste and honestly, really speaks of the low character and improper upbringing of the uploader. What I want to know is that are there categories or security checks in place before a person can go live? Do they get asked the theme of their subject? Does Facebook make sure that no illegal content is streamed or do they have to wait for complaints to start flooding in before acting? Also, Facebook needs to take reports like these quite seriously. You never know when some crazy person out there is going to live stream a murder.

So I’m pretty miffed that my night got disrupted–could you have gone to sleep right away after seeing something like that? If anything, I’ve learned that I need to prune my friend list and I should also be careful about what I like or comment on since it shows up on other people’s news feeds.

And, finally, I learned that Facebook’s report system is flawed and delayed. I suppose that’s understandable given that they must be getting a LOT of reports but isn’t Facebook a large company? Maybe they should put in more people to really be on the front lines when it comes to customer support. That would create jobs, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. To whoever is currently thinking to uploading stuff like that Live–please be considerate. Have warnings in place and really think things through before adding your content.

Mariah’s NYE Blurb and What We Can Learn From It

Hey everyone—in case I forgot to greet you, Happy New Year! It was pretty run of the mill on my end, eating and watching some fireworks online (because no way am I going outside in that cold). From my point of view, everyone’s had a pretty eventful New Year’s Eve celebration. Although, I think there’s someone who’s got us all beat: Mariah Carey.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her—some of her songs are the soundtracks of my life—but let’s face it, she’s had better performances than the one she had on the annual “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” special on ABC. If you were under a rock at this time and didn’t know what happened, Mariah Carey performed at Times Square for a NYE party and it got really, really awkward super fast. She belted out a few lines from the classic song “Auld Lang Syne” then it just goes blah from there. At one point, it seemed that her backup dancers didn’t know if they were supposed to help her down the few steps or to carry her down. It even appeared that she was lip-syncing to Auld Lang Syne then the music changed and she just wasn’t singing. It looked like she either missed her cue or wasn’t really up to singing. The singer walked around the stage and repeatedly asked for her monitors to be turned on during her performance.

Fans and audiences were rightly confused at what happened. Instead of a clear discussion, they’re currently having a he said/she said sort of thing going on with the producers saying it was a technical issue while Carey’s team released a statement that she was set up for failure. None of them have budged on the issue so I doubt we’ll really know what happened because really, who wants to admit to a blurb on live television, amirte?

So there I was mid-cringe as I watched the replays when I realized that there’s a lesson we can pick up from this debacle. Mariah Carey underwent a rather embarrassing moment but instead of standing there and soaking it up, she upped and left like a true Diva. For the New Year, I think that’s a pretty good lesson we can try to learn from. Things can and do go wrong regardless of the practice or preemptive plans we may have in place and instead of wallowing in it when it happens, have the strength to walk away and turn your energies to different things.

To be honest, that’s something I think we all need right now. This year we’ve got a Trump presidency to look forward to and I personally know a lot of people who aren’t all that willing to let go of their loss. I think we can use the strength that Carey showed and have the fortitude to walk away from a negative situation and direct your focus, effort, and energies to something productive and positive.

This lesson isn’t just something we can use about the political climate—it’s something we can apply in everyday situations. Don’t stay in the muck. Remove yourself from the situation and do something else. So I don’t know about you, but I think Mariah Carey really showed us that she’s still a Diva we can learn from.

My Christmas To-Do List

Hey guys! How’s it been lately? Stuff has been rather dull on my end–mostly chores (thanks, Mom!)–and mostly counting down to the end of another year. Of course before that is almost everyone’s second favorite (first being their own birthday) day. I’m talking about Christmas, of course.

My feelings about the cheery holidays differ from year to year so I started this tradition of coming up with a list of things that I want to do around Christmas time. This helps give me things to do around this season. It certainly helps pass the time with all the thinking involved. So lemme break down some of the items on my to-do list for this year.

1.) Catch Rogue One in the theaters

If you haven’t heard of it, I just gotta ask–have you been living under a rock or something? The new Star Wars films have been the best thing since sliced bread. Last year, I got to catch Episode VII and I was convinced that finally those godawful prequels are officially a thing of the past. I mean, I thank George Lucas for the idea of Star Wars (not completely–dude wanted CP30 to be a sort of greasy car salesman type guy) but seriously–leave the writing to um THE WRITERS.

Beyond that, I can’t wait to see this and I wanna see how they’re going to present the conflict and the urgency since we all know they DID blow up the Death Star.

2.) Go on a date

Don’t laugh! If you’ve ever seen anime, dates on Christmas are a HUGE thing. It may seem a bit silly to you but it’s something worth doing, I think. It doesn’t even have to be a date with another person. Yes, imagine that–a date with just yourself. There’s so many things I can decide to do like playing in the snow!

3.) Learn to make eggnog

I don’t know about you but I can’t imagine this season without a cup (or several depends on you–no judgement) of eggnog! Personally, I wanna know how to make the base level of eggnog and then spruce it up with my own variations. Does fruit mix well with eggnog? What about chocolate? I dunno but I would like to find out.

4.) Make a DIY gift for my Mom

I know, I know. Kinda cheesy but hey–even I can show appreciation for the old lady. I do want to make her something she can use. Does anyone have any ideas? I can’t knit but I can learn (maybe that can be on next year’s to-do list). Anyone have any ideas how to make a candle? That’s also one of the possible DIY stuff I want to learn how to make. It’ll certainly make for a pretty interesting gift!

5.) Learn how to cook Lasagna

I. LOVE. LASAGNA. You can practically call me Garfield’s rival! I’ve bugged how many of my relatives to make this for me over the years. I know my mom has already had her fill of my requests so she put her foot down. If I want to have some, I should learn how to make it myself. This is the year that I’ll do it for sure.

6.) Get my hair re-colored

I was really happy with the blue dye I had in my hair that I wanted to try other colors. Right now purple and aquamarine are having a battle on who’s going to win. So I’m going to have to make a decision about that soon.

So that’s it–so far, anyway. I could add some more items as the 24th and the 25th approaches. Do you have a to-do list for the holidays? Lemme know so we can compare notes! TTYL.

First Date Fashion Advice For Men

First Date Fashion Advice For Men

Few men put extra thoughts into how they dress for their first date and a small percentage is keen on finding excellent first date fashion advice for guys. The first impression during should always establish the precedence when on a date, it will set the tone for the rest of the date. Men often strive to charm a woman with their looks and their wallet, the latter often playing second fiddle. However, women are always keen on how the man dresses especially during the first date.

  • Take A Woman’s Perspective

Remember that women are very fashion conscious, as such, expect them to base the eventuality of how the date turns out based on how fashionable the man appears. Chances are she may not like your personality, but you can salvage the situation by looking your best. Women always go an extra mile to dress not only for them to feel beautiful but also to impress their date, so it would be wise for men to start trying doing the same.

  • Have a “killer” First Impression

Going back to first impressions during the first date, how a person dress is often used as an indicator of the person’s social skills. Dressing sharp will create a positive impression and if coupled with occasional nods and smiles, then women tend to be amazed, easily taken by the man, at feeling at ease when holding small talk during the first few hours of the date.

Conversely, taking the time to look good not only creates a gentlemanly impression but also sets your you in the right state of mind for the date. Moreover, your sharp look will easily pull the woman’s attentions to your face (eye contact being an important aspect of communication during a date).

  • Dress Appropriately

Always dress accordingly for the occasion. If you having your date in an uber-chic restaurant then a snug-fit, bespoke suit, crisp-cut shirt, and formal dress shoes will do. The same ensemble will not work for a date at a dinner with the date including a stop at a nightclub.

  • Keep It Modest Yet Smart

Casual-smart is always the safest best because it works for both a formal and informal date setting. Most men love khaki pants they have washed down the ideal of casual fashion thus luck that “sexy” edge unlike a nice pair of jeans. Do a subtler patterned shirt as opposed to the common striped dress shirt, or try a formal polo shirt.

Remember to work play around with color, which may need you to up your game (they say men are color blind. Tuck in the shirt and have a nice belt, a pair of footwear to complement the jeans, and consider any other extra details that will give you that edgy sharp look for your first date.

Always Remember This Simple Rule…

Much can be said when it comes to first date fashion advice for guys, but one thing should stand out the most. A simple rule of thumb is to dress in a manner that implies you take her and being around her seriously. Chances are, if all goes well, that the date may lead to a big commitment for the both or you. Therefore, clean up, look dashing, just do your best to dress sharp for the date. Understand that less than 10% well be exposed, which means some of your positive features as many of the less attractive ones will be hidden from sight – under your clothes.

Matching the Details: First Date Picks

Matching the Details: First Date Picks

Planning for a date is always exciting! What to talk about, where to go, what to eat—the choices can by dizzying, indeed. All women can agree, I think, that the only dim cloud in that all the planning is what to wear. No need to fret! Just considering these tips will help smoothen that bump!


Details, Details, Details!

The first thing to lock down is the information surrounding your date. What season is it currently? Where is it going to be? Is a day or a night date? What sort of vibe are you aiming to give? These are all the questions that you need to answer first in order to narrow down your options.


Go Flirty for a Movie Date

The most common first date is a dinner and a movie. It’s the perfect chance to get to know each other better without the excessive pressure of more formal dates. The last thing you should ever do is to show up in jeans and a t-shirt. That may give the message that you didn’t put in any effort into looking good for the date. If it is currently summer, a nice summer dress, shawl, and strap sandals would be a go-to outfit. It allows you to show off your feminine side and dressing for comfort. Is the season on the colder side of the spectrum? Pair your favorite light colored sweater with some dark hued leggings and boots!


Aim for Comfy or Romantic for a Picnic

Is your date aiming for a more romantic and rustic angle? A picnic is a great way to enjoy the outdoors all the while not having too much distraction to hinder conversation. There are several looks you can go for to suit a picnic date. You can aim for a romper. Rompers and jumpsuits have been all the rage during summer. Comfy rompers allow for better movement (like when you sit up, bend, and reach for things). Pair comfy wedged heels, a roomy tote bag, and a chunky necklace to complete the look.

If you want to look more romantic but still dress for comfort, a maxi dress works. It’ll be long and flowing and since it is exactly that, it’ll be a lot easier to move around in. Pair the maxi dress with some plain black flip flops, and some eye-catching bangles around your arm.


Get Classy for your Dinner Date

Are you and your date aiming to fancy it up on the first date? You can never go wrong with a classic little black dress and some pumps. Accessorize with some discreet jewelry like a necklace or some bangles to avoid distracting your date. The focus should be on you and what’s around your neck, after all. If you’re aiming to have his undivided attention, wearing a red, long-sleeved body con dress, heels, wavy hair, and your favorite shade of lipstick will do the trick. A body con dress speaks volumes of confidence and is always a classy piece to have in your wardrobe.


Dress for Movement for an Amusement Park Date

There are always those first dates that try to be different and leave a strong first impression. An amusement park date is one of those. It’s a great way to just be casual and have fun together. So if you’re going to an amusement park for your first date, it’s completely okay to wear your favorite jeans and a cute T-shirt. It is crucial that your footwear be along the lines of sneakers or tennis shoes. Heels and sandals will not be your friends as your date may want to do something more active on rides and other attractions present. As for your hair, having your hair up into a ponytail is a good move to avoid having it all puffed out and all over the place after an exhilarating ride. Take a knapsack for a sweater if you think you might get cold and it also keeps your hands free for more movement.


Ultimately, Dress to Please Yourself

While it’s all good to dress in a manner that gets you compliments from your date, at the end of the day, wearing something that you like is the goal to have. It wouldn’t matter if you picked out an outfit that catalogues picked out for you if it’s not your style or it’s not something you’d have picked out for yourself. Adding some details that reflect your personal style adds charm to any first date outfit. Now, get those details on lockdown and get to planning! Have